I’m not going to do a full in-depth and detailed review of this bra, because I don’t think it needs one. The coobie bra’s, gets raves reviews all over the internet and it’s your typical bralette. They claim they are “Ultra comfortable, supportive, and inexpensive“. The scoopneck bra is a simple pull-over style of bralette, it has no structured cups per se. However, it does have some ruching in middle and there are removable pads. They both combine to give the bra, a better overall shape, and structure. The pads really don’t add much bulk, maybe a 1/2” inch at most, they are mostly there for modesty, and to create some separation. I have no complaints over the fit of the bra, they are super stretchy and will conform and contour to your unique breast shapes. The band, is comfortable, and might even be a little too loose in my opinion. However, I do prefer, snug fitting bands, and I might downsize the next time I order. The straps can criss cross in the back, so you can have a racerback option. I love the versatility when a bra allows you to criss cross the straps. A simple option like criss crossing the straps allows the bra to adapt to your clothing rather than the other way around. I wish all bras would have this option.

So getting back to their claims…….. The coobie is the most comfortable bra/bralette in my collection, it’s my go to for the weekend, lounging around the house or even quickly running a errand. The fabric is super soft and is stretchy enough to move with you, and not against you. It’s also my favorite bra to sleep in.

Now, onto the key question, is it supportive?  Simple answer, no it’s not. However, bralettes are not really known for their support. Bralettes are not designed to be a everyday bra. Their purpose and function in your bra wardrobe is to be your lounging/weekend/sleeping bra. The Coobie bra serves this purpose extremely well. They are a super soft and stretchy bralette,  and it has some incredible support, compared to the competition. Also, if your breasts are self supporting, or you are in the small bust category, than I definitely could see it being an everyday bra.

The other key question, is price, is it really inexpensive? No, it’s about average. Maybe at one time it would have been consider inexpensive. However, in recent years, the bralette market has exploded. Everyone, from American Eagle to Victoria’s Secret is now marketing a bralette of some sort. So with all this competition, their quality and service makes this bralette worth considering.

This review was originally written and published by me on another blog of which I ran also. I have updated the review to reflect the current trends and time.

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