a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

Cis / Cisgender:

denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

As I write this article, I know some will accuse me of being a radical Trans Person that hates all Cis People or the evil word, a SJW that’s out to destroy all evil CIS People. For which I’ll respond with a simple, “Thank You”. I try to be evil and diabolical, I don’t always succeed though.

Since we have gotten my evil plans to take over the world cleared up, let’s move to the point of this article. Cis Privilege. It does exist and it’s dangerous. Now by affirming Cis Privilege, I’m not denying that other forms of societal privileges do exist too, like Male Privilege and those can be just as dangerous. People sometimes don’t realize the privilege they carry and this is the reason I’m trying to educate people.

As a cisgender person, you have no fears of using public restrooms, because verbal and/or physical abuse will not happen to you in general. You are given equal rights to public spaces including Gyms, Locker Rooms, and Public Restrooms. You will be taken at your word when you give out your name out to people and they will not ask “What’s your real name?”. Strangers will not assume they have the right to ask what parts you have “down there” or what surgeries you have had. Health Care is one of biggest failures to Trans People. “Doctor, my arm is broken.” and the Doctors response, “Well, that’s probably related to you being Transgender” or “I don’t know how to treat Transgender People, Sorry”. Now if you don’t believe me look up the hashtag #TransHealthFail. Jobs will not discriminate against you, because of your status. The interviewers won’t wonder why you’re wearing a Skirt. You can blend in, for the most part and not be humiliated in this world. You don’t have this constant fight with Society, Family or Friends to convince them that you’re a Man/Woman/Non-Binary, etc and be treated as such. Governments are not out to get you, or deny you fair and equal treatment.

All this privilege is dangerous, because we allow people to stop treating others like human beings. Why should I be denied Employment, Housing or fair and equal treatment under the law, because I’m a Transgender Women? Why should “Womyn-Born-Womyn” spaces be even allowed to exist? We allow differences to divide us. We allow Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt to conquer us. The rates of suicide and murders among the Transgender community is staggering, it’s outrageous and it’s in part because of Societal Privileges. This is my truth and I live it everyday.

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