Store Review: Torrid

Unfortunately, it can be a daunting and sometimes a very unpleasant experience for Trans Women to go shopping for clothes. I have had both very good and very bad, sometimes even downright humiliating experiences at Retail clothing stores. So, this is gonna be my first post in detailing the good, bad, and ugly side of Retail clothing stores, ones designed exclusively for Women and others that has both Men’s/Women’s sections.

I’m excited for this post, because I get to talk about my fav store for clothes and that is Torrid! This past labor day, they just opened a Store in a mall that is close to where I live. YAY! I’m in love. Torrid is for the trendy/hipster Trans and Cis Women alike. The majority of their clothing trends towards the more fashionable crowd vs Lane Bryant which is more conservative.

Torrid as a whole seems super Trans friendly, I’ve emailed corporate several times especially in regards to their fitting room policies. Also, their stores tend to carry the same vibe and mentality as Corp. The store I visit almost on a daily basis, I have never ever had a bad experience. The staff is always super friendly and very accepting of all Women regardless of gender identity. I’m always more than welcome to use the fitting room. They write down your name on the fitting room’s door, which in my opinion is a nice touch.

The Sales Associates at this store always wants to make sure Women leave feeling their best. All women have so many insecurities about their bodies and it really helps when we have an friendly and accepting face to turn, when we need to buy clothes, because we as Women deserve to feel beautiful. Torrid will help you feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine.

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