I know this topic might come up, so let’s clear the air. Why fashion? Why Lingerie? Especially, since lingerie can be in some circles, a taboo topic. So why write about these topics? Simple, it’s something, I can be passion about and a old college professor once told me, write about what you know. Also, it’s a way I can give back too. Although, clothes or lingerie may not make the Women, it’s certainly can make her feel Sexy and Empowered. Who doesn’t want to feel Sexy? Coming out as a Transgender Women certainly will have many stumbling blocks including the ability to feel comfortable in your clothes. It’s all an learning process, finding your style, finding the Women inside of you.

I know from personal experiences, that after I came out, and started wearing Womens clothes including Lingerie it felt right on one level, but I still was uncomfortable. Now, some of the feeling was simply 35 years of forced male clothes that made it uncomfortable. The other part, was simply the learning curve in finding my feminine style. Every Women, Cis or Trans will have their unique style to them, and this is a learning process.

Beyond finding your unique style, you’ll also have to find your size in clothes, panties, and your bra size. These can be daunting tasks for Cis-Women, let alone Trans Women who will bring their own uniqueness when it comes to sizing. Although, I’m far from a expert in any of this, I’m still learning myself. However, what I can do is share my opinions, experiences, and stories which should give you a baseline. I want to empower every women Cis or Trans to feel SEXY.

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