Welcome to Naomi’s Truth. I’m a Transgender Women, and I’m very proud of this fact. Thirty-five years of my life was spent as a lie, conforming to the demands of my family and society. The world was not ready for Transgender people years ago, and in reality it’s still not ready. Trans people rates of Harassment, Violence, Murders, and Discrimination are still way too high. We are victims way too often. However, ready or not, I can no longer live a lie. I can’t hide from the world any longer. I need to be free.

Personal change often begins with your inner truth, and this was a lesson that took me a while to understand. As I became an Adult with all the demands and expectations of being one, i was simply not happy. I drifted for long long time, never went full time at my Community College. Also, I was increasingly becoming more and more unhappy with my job at the time. I was searching for a reason to live, searching for my place in this world. I was fighting daemons that I didn’t know how to fight or control. Feb of 2016, my life was turned upside down when I lost my Truck Driving Job. My life was a disaster in more ways than you could count.  I needed to make life-alternating changes, or I would continue this same principle of just going along, and never achieving anything in life.

My truth needed to be set free or else I would never be a happy and productive member of this society. I would never achieve my full potential in life, and never be successful in anything that matters the most like Relationships, Family, Friends, Hobbies or my career. So this is my truth, and this blog will be about me and my passion of Transgender issues, Body Positivity, Lingerie, Fashion, and Clothing.

I’m living everyday as my true authentic self and the truth is setting me free.

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